Saturday, November 22, 2014

Do You Want to Activate Your Light Language?

You may have been hearing how some people are activating light language to help them download and distribute personal and planetary cosmic codes. You may have started hearing an unknown star language in your head. Or, perhaps you have dreamed that you were speaking it to another being.

If you desire to activate your light language, this is your chance to do so without even having to get dressed or leave home!

On November 25, Vic Singer and Yvonne Perry will host an online light language activation workshop. They will share what light language is, where it comes from, what it is used for, why it is being activated at this time on Earth, and how it can help you make faster progress on your spiritual journey.

There are many ways light language can be expressed: through speaking, toning, signing/weaving (think prophetic dance and a "no rules" sign language), written codes, and art.While this workshop will provide an intense amount of energy and galactic activation, we promise it will be fun and enjoyable!

This call is for those who are serious about taking a quantum inter-dimensional leap forward and are ready to shift things dramatically, but gently. Therefore, we are asking you to invest your energy by making a donation of no less than $10 to show your earnest interest. Because we need you to attend the live activation, there will not be a replay of this workshop.

Online Light Language Activation with Yvonne Perry and Vic Singer
Time:Tuesday, November 25th at 2 p.m. Central Time

The log-in information and password will be sent to you after you make a financial contribution of at least $10. If you have an abundance of financial energy to share with others and are able to pay more than the requested amount, please do so. By paying an additional amount, you are playing a role in the healing of humanity and blessing those who are sharing a huge amount of energy for this activation. Thank you for following your guidance on this.

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