Monday, November 17, 2014

Multidimensional Beings with Many Levels of Awareness

Even though we are multidimensional souls or beings with many levels of awareness, the body has been functioning with only a small amount of the soul actually inside of it. The purest aspect of our soul cannot live in the typical human body at our current level of evolution. The merkabah is the mechanism or vehicle that allows the physical human body to convert from a dense form into a lighter form that is able to house all aspects of the soul in a unified manner and travel into other dimensions. The ongoing restoration process of the light-body is essential to the ascension of humanity as we are creating the New Earth. The body is changing into a crystalline structure that can live in a higher vibration, but we are not going to fly away and leave the earth. The earth is ascending into higher dimensions and we are going with her. This transformation requires a rewiring and reprogramming of the DNA that will result in a molecular reconstruction of the body.

This molecular reconstruction relates to how the form or body holds space on Earth, as well as how it houses the soul or intelligence from highest awareness. This “awareness” is the step beyond “consciousness,” as consciousness is a man-generated term that causes us to look outside of ourselves for the ability to access our knowing. Awareness utilizes all sensory receptors inside and outside the body to provide a higher perception of what is taking place within our personal field and the group fields within which humans move. All information (vibration) moves within fields. There are many versions of the “field” and we must be aware of which one we are talking about. In order to access the greater field at the highest potential, you must first learn to work within your own personal field and how it is affected from the outside, as well as how what is going on internally affects everything on the outside.

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