Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ascension is Wholeness

The ascension is about wholeness. In order to create cohesion among soul aspects, all our fragmented soul aspects are being collected, healed, and integrated as they form a unified expression of the soul. This does not mean they will be uniform, undifferentiated, or have only one personality or style. The beautiful diversity, skills, talents, and gifts that each of these aspects has to offer will be retained in a harmonious symphony as they come together in oneness to manifest of love and goodness, within and without.

Oneness means we see the best in ourselves and others while honoring all soul aspects without judgment. This happens when we consciously make non-resistant choices that support the highest and best in everyone, everything, and every situation. Unfortunately, due to our programming, it has been difficult for us to consistently do this in the past. Fortunately, our programming is changing through the upgrades that have been made in the human template. We are now able to more easily access our divinity in a tangible way and it is making a difference in how our minds, emotions, and bodies function. Light language is one of the ways we access these upgrades and bring them into our daily experience.
Have you been hearing, singing, or speaking an unlearned language? Make sense of this ascension tool in Light Language Emerging ~ Activating Codes and Integrating Body, Soul, and Spirit. Yvonne Perry is available as a spiritual coach. See for information about her galactic light language activation and healing/clearing services.
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