Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Woo-Hoo! Or, Woo-Woo?

Someone wants to know if the current shifts happening on Earth are real or are they just a bunch of woo-woo stuff we have made up in our minds? Another person asks: Is the Law of Attraction really a universal spiritual law? If so, how can someone who has gone through rough times shift from skepticism to acceptance and enjoy a fulfilling, joyful life?

Vic Singer and Yvonne Perry have some intriguing questions to sort through on the next group call known as Shifting into Purer Consciousness. It seems a lot of doubt and frustration is coming to the surface, probably because it is ready to be healed and transmuted so that each of us can stand in our unique individual truth.

Here are the topics/questions we will discuss on November 20th at 2PM Central Time:

Oneness. Really? We all have a Divine spark within us. However, the thought that we are only manifestations of Creator experiencing His/Her self with an overlying, illusionary ego, within a theater-type world causes a bit of anxiety. Does that mean our whole existence is nothing more than an illusion? Why would we want to continue in such a game?

One person is asking for practical easy-to-apply tips on how to maintain a high vibration/inner light during real life situations. Do we just drink a lot of water, which causes lots of bathroom breaks where we pee, pray, reset, and connect?

We will also talk about time, timelines, time travel, timelessness, the nature of multidimensional being-ness, the Intergalactic Federation of Light, the photon belt, Rainbow hula hoops in stacks, and vivid dreams.

Join us this Thursday to give your input or hear us toss these topics into a fruit salad with nuts!

Event: Shifting into Purer Consciousness with Yvonne Perry & Vic Singer
Time: Thursday, November 20th at 2 p.m. in Central Time Zone 
Phone: (425) 440-5100 and enter guest pin code: 187842# 
Attend Online at
Skype: Connect with JoinConference and use pin code: 187842#

Once the call has ended you may hear the replay at the link above or on my website:

This call is hosted by Yvonne Perry, the author of Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. See for information about a free 15-minute evaluation to see if coaching is right for you. The co-host on this show is Vic Singer, a life transformer and visionary medicine woman who has worked with healing arts since age 19 when she began her studies that include western medicine, indigenous realities, and Eastern practices. Vic facilitates group healing circles and shares healing with individual clients.

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