Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Soul Exchanges Are Pre-incarnation Agreements

Before incarnation, an agreement is made between two souls to share a body during separate periods of time in order for each soul to accomplish more in one Earth lifetime. Soul exchanges take place when one soul walks out of a physical body at the same time the companion soul walks in.

When the first soul’s mission is complete and it no longer needs the body, it may choose to transfer the “real estate” (physical body) over to its companion soul rather than allowing the body to die. Therefore, the walk-in experience is a very wise use of “human resources.” Most families will not even know the natal soul has left. However, they may note many changes in the person’s life. My close family suspected I was having an emotional breakdown of sorts. But, since my walk-in occurred at age forty, I was able to pass it off as a mid-life crisis, which is the best understanding I had about what was happening at the time.

The natal soul that takes the body through the formative infant and childhood years may have a difficult life because that soul has asked for a “crash course” in order to speed up the evolutionary process. This life of hardships may create a very strong urge to leave the body when things get really painful. This is the signal for the walk-in/out process to begin. As the natal soul prepares to walk out, it may arrange for its exit by creating health problems, addictions, emotional issues, illness, or an accident. Some souls who are extremely desperate to leave may even attempt suicide. After all, humans do not typically want to leave a life that is happy and going well.

As a coach to walk-ins, Yvonne does not help facilitate a soul exchange for people who are simply seeking to leave the miserable lives they have created. Instead, she attempts to help people grow spiritual and accept responsibility as the co-creator of their lives. Her main focus is to help people have already had a walk-in and need support during the integration period.

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