Sunday, February 8, 2015

Relationships and the Walk-in Soul

The walk-in soul has its own unique personality and may want to make changes to the body, life, and relationships that the natal soul had in place. Therefore, it is common for him or her to detach and let go of people who were part of the life before the walk-in. As part of establishing their new identity, some walk-ins change jobs or professions. Name changes are also common. While those close to me sensed that something was different, most of my family still does not know that the soul now in this body is not the one they knew when I was younger. They saw the drastic changes that took place in my life between 1999 and 2001, but most were not ready to accept an explanation about my walk-in, even if I had known what was happening then.

Being a walk-in could explain why your family seemed to reject you, especially when you first came in. You were wearing the same flesh that your biological mother brought into this plane, but you are not the same soul she nurtured. While you appeared in the same body that was used as a vehicle for your children to enter this earth plane, you are not the same soul who raised them.

Walk-ins tend to view relationships differently than most people. Because they operate with a multidimensional view of oneness with God, nature, and others, they may not play the role or fit the mold of traditional relationships. As a walk-in, you may or may not have a soul contract with the person that the natal soul was intimate with. You are still responsible for completing the contract in some way—either by continuing the relationship or by peacefully ending it in a mutually agreeable manner. I walked out of my first marriage within hours of walking into this body. Fortunately, not everyone is compelled to make such a drastic change. You may have to decide whether or not you can live authentically with the “inherited” spouse or partner of the natal soul.

Our society teaches us to be co-dependent rather than inter-dependent. Thus, we look to others to define who we are, fulfill us emotionally, or take care of us physically or financially. In other words, we expect another person to meet all of our needs. Walk-ins who inherit a lot of emotional baggage come into relationships dragging along past hurts and wounds, feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, and other limiting beliefs. When one partner expects the other partner to tend to his or her neediness, the relationship is doomed from the start. One person usually ends up being a martyr or feeling possessed by the other. Both partners are unfulfilled. This type of relationship is counterproductive to a walk-in who came to serve humanity with a higher purpose. We have to detach from the mindset of our culture, religion, politics, military, government, and money system in order to come into our own center and find ourselves, our personal energy, and our life-force. We are in the world, but not of it.

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