Monday, February 16, 2015

Soul Activations and Downloads

Since there is no time or space in other dimensions where aspects of our soul live and operate, our soul is perfect, regardless of what we experience here on Earth. However, in order to help us realize our divinity, we may encounter a “bump up” in energy that helps us attain a new spiritual level of awareness, which is really exposing the beauty of what is already there.

From time to time, you may receive a download of spiritual information or higher truth. These downloads are similar to how our computer automatically updates its software or operating system. This occurs as the body is able to receive, anchor, and function with the faster vibration of the monad, oversoul, and advanced versions of your soul.

These downloads seem to come randomly. Like the arcade game where you toss a token onto the shelf with other tokens that have begun to stack up, you hope that the tokens you add to the pile will cause an avalanche of tokens to fall into the bin below where you can collect your windfall. This “build up” of energy may go unnoticed until the shelf starts to get full. That is when we begin to encounter difficult situations or feel a heaviness that indicates it is time to break through to the next level and begin to embody a higher octave frequency or future self.

Once the upgrades start, they will continue, and you may get mini activations at any time, with or without warning. You may get a “hit” in your senses that something is about to happen. You may hear a buzzing sound in your ears, feel light-headed or dizzy, sense an expansion of energy around your head or heart, have hypersensitivity in your skin, or just know intuitively that you are about to get a motherload! When you notice any of these symptoms, tune in and ask your guidance what is occurring and how you can assist. The trick here is to be aware of what is happening so you can cooperate and make the process easier and faster.

Many people are afraid of what some call the “shadow side” because they start experiencing new feelings or desires—erotic or sexual energy arising—that are considered inappropriate by social conditioning. This is a natural occurrence when your heart is open to others and your chakras are allowing energy to flow freely. Supernatural gifts also start coming forth because this is how we were originally programmed to operate had we not been brainwashed to believe that we are limited and puny subjects of a punishing God.

Higher octave energy is anchored within the personality and body as a result of the unveiling of the authentic self; therefore, a period of integration may be required as higher vibrational frequencies are integrated into the physical body. These frequencies are actually restructuring the DNA to support the light body that we are all in the process of building. One of the most notable symptoms of integration is the need for more rest or sleep. Thankfully, these events do not typically cause the huge shift in personality that a soul exchange often does. They do bring an expansion of consciousness—a new or heightened awareness that we are spirit beings having a human experience, and the incoming fire tends to quickly advance the recipient forward on his or her spiritual path.

Many times, the higher current will upset the ego or dislodge lower-vibrating entities. These immature aspects of the personality need to be lovingly “re-parented” or trained not to interfere with the ascension process. The end result is that we are being transformed by the renewing of our mind or healing of our brains and emotions. Thus, we gain a greater ability to recognize that we are one in and with spirit.

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