Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Thoughts Really Can Shape Our Lives

Yvonne’s book, Shifting into Pure Consciousness, was a real page turner for me! It was so reassuring that we each have choices to our thoughts, and that our thoughts really can shape our lives… for the better. Not only while here on planet earth, but as we ascend into even greater realms. Over the past few years I’ve come to a place of not fearing death, but instead embracing the beauty of what this means for the next steps on my journey. Yvonne’s book has helped me take that up another notch with understanding that if we are open to all the possibilities, it will positively enhance where we are right now in this moment. And the most comforting thing is knowing we truly are, as Yvonne says, “You and me—everyone on the planet—standing side by side in unity and oneness. We really are one.” And most powerful and deeply touching for me is realizing that this means whether we are here in physical body or not, that we are, and will always be, connected.

~ Barbara Techel, award-winning author, www.joyfulpaws.com

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