Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ascension Symptoms: Increased Influence from Shadow Side

Because repressed issues from our shadow side are emerging to be healed and integrated, you may process some terribly negative thoughts (judgment, criticism) or see horrific mental scenes. You may think these internal visions are premonitions of something bad about to happen to you or someone you love. While you may get forewarnings that require you to take precaution, more than likely these thoughts and images are deeply-hidden fears buried in your psyche that are coming up to be integrated. I compare these “prods and pokes” to the proverbial “devil on your shoulder,” urging you to engage in egotistical behavior. You always have the choice as to whether you will entertain them or integrate them.

Recently, I had a battle raging in my mind. The thoughts were so hateful that I felt embarrassed about what I was hearing. I knew that any resistance I put up would only cause me to attract more thoughts like these as well as draw to myself things, people, energy, and situations I didn’t want. Thus, I spent time in nature, did some deep breathing, and got some physical exercise to help move energy through more quickly. I focused on the “now” moment to remind myself that there are no problems that the love within me can’t handle.

I repeated mantras such as these: “In this now moment, I have peace of mind. In this place of heart-centered love, I am calm and at ease. There is nothing to fear or stew over in this now moment.” I’ve included this mantra as an exercise in Chapter 5. I also created an MP3 of the mantras I used and am happy to share it with you. See the Audios tab on my Website, The soothing background music will help to bring you into a state of heart-centered awareness and assist your efforts in moving past the ceiling that the ego has erected.

I continued to focus my awareness within my heart center and ask for light and love to expand from within me. Each time I had a thought that was out of alignment with the Love that I am, rather than having an absurd dialog with my ego, I drew my awareness back to a place of peace within and sought strength in the Sacred Heart (Christ Consciousness). Breakthrough came suddenly and powerfully. The negative thoughts vanished immediately and the peace that I had connected with in my heart center manifested in my daily experience.

I don’t always have the time to do a formal meditation, so my guides and I agreed upon a simple phrase that I can think or speak whenever thoughts come up that are not aligned with love. Thoughts are energy and can be converted, but not destroyed. “Transmute and integrate” or “purer thoughts now!” represent my willingness to have these thoughts transmuted into kind, peaceful thoughts that are then integrated with the purer frequencies in my mental field. I encourage you to try this or your own phrase the next time you are disturbed by negative energy fragments.

I love what Susann Taylor Shier teaches in her book, Soul Reunion, about integrating this fragmented part of ourselves. She refers to these incongruent aspects of self as “inner land mines.” She says that they are not enemies to be fought; instead, they are fear-based factors that we have created and buried in our subconscious at some point in our journey of separateness. Many times these self-sabotaging mechanisms crop up when we elect to move forward in the ascension process. Why? Because they want to come home to the Sacred Love within us and be part of the oneness we are experiencing. We can choose to no longer allow them to keep us in bondage; however, these fragmented parts of us cannot be removed, released, ignored, or done away with. They are emotional energy and must be converted into a different type of energy (at a purer frequency) or integrated into our human experience through practicing non-resistance. By bringing these wayward parts into the Sacred Heart, we give them a new role: to assist us in accessing even more Sacred Love within and making our personal energy field even stronger and brighter!

What ascension symptoms are you having?

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