Monday, July 16, 2012

Ascension Symptoms: Miraculous Healing

Miracles happen every day and they should increase as we ascend.

Perhaps you have had a miraculous healing such as mine: I did several exercises to raise my vibration right before bed one night. I knew I had processed and cleared during my sleep when I awoke with a headache the next morning. I had read about different types of headaches and what the location of the pain indicated as far as ascension symptoms. The pain was in the middle of my forehead and between my eyes. I opened the book, What is Lightbody? by Tashira Tachi-ren and read that pressure between the eyebrows is an indication that the pineal gland is growing. I pressed the area with my fingers and felt some relief. This let me know I was indeed dealing with ascension symptoms and not sinus problems or any other physical malady.

Still not ruling out a physical reason for my headache, I ate breakfast and drank a glass of water that had been blessed with an invocation. I did an oracle card reading and got instruction to be near a body of water. I had planned to take a walk by the river; I even put on my walking shoes, but then postponed it because I just didn’t have the energy to exercise in the heat that was already reaching into the ’90s at 10 a.m. So, I went to the living room and lit a candle and some incense. I sat in the recliner to rest and listen for instruction about what I needed to do next.

I had done about twenty-five full-wave breaths and was feeling a relaxing buzz when the phone next to me rang. It was my daughter dialing for my two-year-old grandson, who had found a photo of me and was calling my name when he came to her and grabbed her cell phone. He really didn’t want to talk; he was following his guidance to connect with me for spiritual purposes. When I hung up the phone two minutes later, my headache was completely gone and my strength was restored.

What ascension symptoms are you having? Please share with a comment below this post.

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Anonymous said...

Mine mainly deal with 'brain fatigue'/'mental fatigue'. The re-wiring of the brain, clearing things out, integrating new - essentially getting it to go from 'clogged' to 'unclogged'. Sometimes when I clear out quite a bit from a specific area (heart for example) or have this 'epiphany' that releases a lot of 'stuck' energy, I tend to get very weak and shaky (like hypoglycemic type shaky) and just have to sit/lay down and rest. I don't experience as much as I used to, but that's what I still experience mainly.