Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ascension Symptoms: Electronic Disturbances

Have you noticed any electrical disturbances with computers and other electronic devices lately? You may experience things like walking through a room when suddenly the light bulbs flicker or turn on/off. After stopping about four watches dead in their tracks within a six-month period in the early 2000s, I stopped wearing a watch. If the universe wants me to know what time it is, there is always a clock within sight.

During meditation in my bedroom one day, I heard a loud vibrating noise in the adjoining bathroom. I jumped up to see what was going on and found my electric razor buzzing around in the wooden tray where I keep it! When we meditate, we raise the vibration of our own body and the surrounding area.

I’ve had musical toys in the den closet come on automatically. It was pretty freaky when Little Leap starting singing the ABC song when no one was in the room! These types of disturbances could also be caused by the increase in cosmic energy penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere. However, being an empath who is able to sense subtle energy shifts, I felt an earthbound soul was responsible for that particular incident. Someone, whom I know has entities attached to his field, had just left my house five minutes before. I do not allow earthbound souls to stay in my home, so I let it know it could either find its host, who was only a few miles down the road, or go into the light. I lit a bundle of sage and the energy of the room immediately shifted back into a peaceful state. Sage-o-matic!

One empath I chatted with said she seemed to disable cellphones, wireless devices like printers, keyboards, etc. Her boss used to think she was purposely breaking them. Her printer fried twice for no apparent reason. After that, her boss accused her of being into witchcraft and started telling her how important religion was in society. Be careful not to retaliate if something like this happens. Our thoughts are energetic forms that have tremendous power. I’m cautious to send only loving thoughts and energy toward my computer and other electronic devices I own or use.

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