Sunday, July 15, 2012

Flying Buttresses of Probability

The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield
“Probable realities” are all the possible permutations of the unfolding of any moment of linear time. Living in linear time makes it impossible to experience the multi-levels that are a truer model of reality. However, your inability to perceive beyond your living plane does not negate the equally real alternate versions of your chosen living plane reality. These alternate versions proceed in their unfolding with vitality equal to yours.

As you face each moment of your lives, there are an array of probable paths before you. Each of the probable realities has a different level of energy supporting it. The probable path with the greatest energy support aligned with you will be the one drawn on to your living plane and experienced by you as the only path. From your level of restricted perceptions, this is the real one.

All the other probable variations of an event continue their own reality in a parallel position. For the most part, you do not recognize the existence of these other probable lines. Sometimes, in the case of highly charged emotional events or events engaging the entire world consciousness, you may experience a “bleed through” of feelings or dreams from a probable version. Though you do not “live” these alternate experiences, they are still a part of your multidimensional reality.

As such, these parallel lines of experience serve to support by enriching the nimbus of vibrational energy that surrounds your individuality and your life path. You have a “you” on each probable path and each of these “duplicates” enrich the one you recognize as real through the complex interweaving of your total spirit energy unit. Like the flying buttresses of your great gothic cathedrals, the probable aspects of a living plane event support, expand and enhance a central structure of the life.

Probable events can be accessed or allowed to influence the primary life if a choice is made to open to do so. You can contact a probable self in much the same way you access reincarnational lives. This can be done in altered states of consciousness. A reason for doing this might be to balance and help heal a life situation in which a very challenging, even painful, circumstance has been chosen. The inner knowing and the conscious awareness of a parallel reality in which the same segment of the life path flowed with ease and grace can offer a vibrational solace and support to move you through the difficulties.

Also on the sleep/dream plane the full array of probable paths is available to you. It is from this level that many of the scenarios for the living plane are chosen. You can suggest to your dreaming self that you contact, while on the dream plane, a probable self who is living an opposite reality to one you feel is difficult. You need not remember any dreams of the alternate reality, but the “experience” of it does have the ability to color your own reality with a brighter hue. (Maybe not like rose-colored glasses, but perhaps a lighter perspective on the ordeal.)

Your pinpoint of consciousness, in the center of a massive and infinite extension of energy/consciousness, is “buttressed” in many ways and from many levels of this massive unit. This in itself can be a comforting concept.

© Hannah Beaconsfield 2012

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