Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Affirmations to Anchor Our New Life and Earth

We invoke the emerald green and violet light to bring great healing to humanity and all life, the physical and subtle bodies of etheric, mental, and emotional bodies as well as Mother Earth's body system.

I am rejoicing that the light has come into my mind now, now, now
I am the I am presence and I am one with the I AM presence of all divinity
The point of light is the love of my beloved upon my awakened heart
I am that. I am divine light perfection. I am that now.
I am the illumined mind, the awakened heart, a realized soul now.
Yes, through me as me I am an instrument of peace is being played by the master
As the Christ, abundance, peace, and love is our new world now.
My one and only expression is love.
I accept the wealth of my beloved and my cup runs over.
The beloved’s love is encoded in every cell of my body and every fiber of my being.
I am a spiritual peacemaker and I am that I am.
I free my mind to be in the eternal moment where only love is real.
My heart is a flaming altar of love and light.
I choose health, I choose love, I choose joy.
In the name of the unconditional love of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Miracle Mother, Amen.

Source: http://www.askrealjesus.com via Maria Lazzaro, the Dove of Peace Light Prayer Circle facilitator.

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