Friday, August 24, 2012

Tip for Ascension: Full-Wave Breathing

Full-Wave Breathing encompasses the benefits of many other types of breathing and, most importantly, returns the integrity of the breathing system to the individual. Full-Wave Breathing has three steps, which affect the abdomen, belly, and chest. The breath starts by inhaling all the way in the abdomen, and then it expands into the belly, and finally into the chest. The exhale allows the air to be released in reverse: chest, belly, abdomen.

Nostril breathing is the most natural way to breathe; however, mouth breathing takes in 50 percent more oxygen. Full-Wave Breathing is performed with mouth open until the technique is learned, but you may use nostrils if you prefer. Visit for more information. Full-Wave Breathing is demonstrated by Dr. Tom Goode on his YouTube channel:

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