Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ascension Symptoms: Change in Vision and Perception

As you transition into purer or higher consciousness, your eyesight may have changed and now you see colors you’ve never seen before. Your internal vision reveals images of things that are about to happen.

Your physical vision may be hazy or out of focus, causing you to think you need a new vision prescription. I’ve tried four pairs of new glasses, only to find that I see no better with the new prescription than I did with the old one. In fact, some days an old pair works better than the new one! I have three pairs of glasses on my desk and I may swap them out several times a day.

As you begin to have multidimensional sight, you may see objects that other people do not see, such as sparkles of light, shadows, orbs or balls of energy, grids of light, or movement from corner of your eyes. Objects may seem to shimmer, move, or fade. Some people are seeing light codes or geometric symbols, or mathematical formulas in the air, fire, water, or earth. Our human eyes are shifting in order to see into higher realms of consciousness. It's like seeing the binary or programming codes behind the screen on a computer where the text and pictures are displayed.

Do you find that you are no longer afraid of trying new ventures? Your perception of life is shifting and you may see a situation differently as if with new eyes, or your whole attitude toward something you once held as invincible truth has changed. Instead of judging others, you feel compassionate toward them, viewing them and their situation more kindly. Things that used to bother you just don’t seem to matter as much. This may be because we are resolving our own karma, or that the karmic pattern we held with that person has been transmuted.

Feel free to share whatever ascension symptoms you are having by leaving a comment below this post.

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