Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tip for Ascension: Candle Rituals

Who doesn’t love the warm glow of a candle? It creates ambiance and calmness. You can use a candle with any spiritual practice to bring conscious awareness to a situation that needs to be aligned with a purer vibration.

I like to use a candle as part of my meditation because staring into the flame helps me focus my attention and enter an altered state of awareness. The ritual itself serves as a calendar event or mental marker, signifying your intention to end an old practice and begin a new belief about a particular thought pattern. A ritual is also a personal request for divine help, so conduct it whenever you need guidance from a higher source. There is no set manner or prescribed formula that you must follow for your candle ritual. The candle doesn’t have to be a certain color; the session need not be performed on the full/new moon or at a particular time of month or day. If you are being led to conduct a ritual, trust that the energy you need is available. You may have other methods you like better, but here are some basic steps that I use.

  • Choose a candle. When it comes to choosing a candle, don’t be thrown by the formulas assigned to certain colors such as black for banishing and white for clearing. If you are drawn to a particular color or only have a limited choice, go with whatever suits you at the time. 
  • You may use a pencil or sharp tool to inscribe on the candle words such as love, peace, resolution, or whatever you desire that day. Simply state what you want to occur as a result of your ritual. The energy will follow your intention. 
  • Light the candle and take a few deep breaths to quiet your mind.
  • Call upon whatever angel, archangel, holy person, ascended master, or light being with whom you resonate. Ask for your higher self and spiritual guidance to assist you with meeting the need at hand. 
  • Listen to your inner guidance to see if there is a comforting message or action you need to take. Write down what you receive. 
  • Make your requests known. 
  • Thank your guides and extinguish your candle or let it burn out on its own.All these rules about not blowing out the candle are wives’ tales. You can blow it out or snuff it—whatever suits you. 
Be sure to follow through with the message you received during the ritual. Don’t worry if you didn’t hear or see anything. The message may come later, so look for signs you may be given in the next few days or weeks.
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