Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Living in Grace

There is no condemnation in the Christ Consciousness. So, take responsibility for where you are now, realizing that you are a powerful co-creator as you align with the purer thoughts and frequencies of the universe. The universe has unconditional love, abundant gifts, wise guidance, and unlimited blessings for you.

You can choose to be free, regardless of what has transpired in your life, or what anyone has said to you or about you. It’s simple because loving God-Goddess is about being and not doing. Spending five minutes a day in the Sacred Heart space will begin to transform you. Do the exercises in this book as a supplement, but only do them because you want to experience divine love—not because you are trying to make your light body appear.

Five minutes per day in this blissful place will naturally create a desire for more divine love. You could begin to take five-minute breaks throughout the day and come into this place of calmness. Then, you could add a couple more sessions and divide your day into thirds with heart-centered meditations in the morning, after work, and before bed. The next thing you know you will be operating from the Sacred Heart and all your actions will express the love you have come to know in your private moments. There will be no tendency to compare yourself, your spiritual experiences, or level of mastery to that of another person. You will begin to feel at one with all that is.

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