Sunday, January 6, 2013

What are Lower Vibrating Energies?

First of all, let me state that there is no “good” or “bad” energy. We put those labels on things using our human judgment of what we perceive to be pleasant or unpleasant. The labels are not important. The fact remains that we are being called to awaken to our authentic spiritual selves. All this impure stuff is not us—it’s not who we really are as sparks of divine light. This combative energy resides in denser planes of consciousness as part of “all possibilities.” Without having a choice about what we do, think, say, or feel, we are puppets without free will. Other options must exist, but if they bring us displeasure, we can avoid attracting them in to our lives. Like weeds among edible plants in a garden, they exist together.

There are two sides to everything: dark/light, yin/yang, positive/negative, and so on. In order for peace to prevail these opposites need to be in balance. Presently, we have more masculine (aggressive) energy on the planet than feminine (passive) energy. This imbalance is being corrected by the cosmos.

We often yield our divine nature to the irrational reasoning of the ego. I believe the ego is what many religions refer to as the anti-Christ. The ego opposes everything the Christ consciousness stands for and urges us to create sorrow, suffering, and violence in this world. Negative or dark energy has a direct association to our ego. We may call it by many names—the devil, Satan, demons, evil, the fall, fallen angels, entities, dis-incarnate souls, earthbound spirits. I dislike the connotation these terms evoke, but it all boils down to a thought form that perpetuates the belief in separation from God or the pure Divine essence of ALL THAT IS.

The word “entity” implies that something has a self-contained existence in either material or non-material form. Regardless of whether this thought form has an actual identity, or if they are real or imagined, the trouble they cause us must be dealt with during the ascension process. Since most people believe angels are positive messengers of the light, then they must also believe that negative energy  contains entities that carry messages.

Most of the negativity we deal with is own thought forms or ego that tempts us to believe that we are separate from or punished by God. Living as if we have been abandoned by our creator is a sure way to set ourselves up for failure, rather than experiencing the abundant life of the Christ mind, which knows its oneness with God.

The ego is a thought form or energy that exists in our 3-D experience of perceived separateness from our higher self/Source. As we restore conscious connection to our higher self in the Sacred Heart, we may have negative thoughts rising to the surface to be integrated. Here is a prayer to help integrate these energies and transmute negativity into purer thoughts:
Purify all my thought forms with brilliant, loving light. Transmute the thoughts of collective humanity with pure, loving light from the cosmic mind and heart. Let my thoughts be positive and loving at all times and in all ways. And so it is.

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