Thursday, October 18, 2012

Awakening to Your Power - Ascending into the Quantum

The great galactic shift is on and we all are on the quantum fast track to New Earth consciousness. Buckle up and buy your quantum space boots.

Would you like to experience . . .
• Deep peace and serenity
• Release from worry and anxiety
• Enhanced self-esteem and relationships
• Clarity and focus in perception
• Deeper meditation and creativity
• Greater harmony in life
• Enhanced manifesting power
• More bliss, more joy, more laughter, more love?

On We Are One in Spirit Podcast, October 18, Kenji Kumara will present a 30-minute guided meditation and activation for going deep into the Universal Quantum Field of Creativity and Power.  He will also present a brief overview of planetary changes and what perspectives are needed for one's awakening and realization of one's power.

Register to get the call-in info so you can listen and ask questions.  All quantum effects are on-going and cumulative and this presentation is the ignition and catalyst that will propel you into the great unknown of miracles and self-transformation. Be prepared for a unique and different experience of the Quantum.

Kenji will also discuss:
• Creation in the Quantum
• Moving out of the illusion
• Pivotal point in the ascension process
• Allowing Life to move through you

There will be a short sharing period after the meditation. 

Get the call-in code now!

Questions to ask Kenji:

• Your most outrageous question, or
·  What is the "essence" of your work?
• How is this work practical? How do we integrate the teachings?
• What is the biggest challenge for humanity at this time?
• What is the biggest pitfall in spiritual work?
• Is meditation important in these times?
• What is divine right timing?

Kenji Kumara, a Japanese-American, born in Berkeley, CA, serves as a messenger, initiator and quantum bridger between worlds. His goal is to service all those ready for their awakening and empowerment. He is a simple man with a simple message: Be the state you want the world to embrace. Love the world as you love yourself and live by the Golden Rule. Be yourself and all shall be given unto thee. Suffering is caused by attachment to judgment. Experiencing the Divine is an effortless process. The best medicine: hugs, smiles, and laughter.

Kenji has been in the transformational healing arts for over 4 decades. He holds Masters Degrees in Education (Early Childhood specialty) and Para Psychology, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanistic Psychology. He is a former Preschool-Grade 8 credentialed teacher and has tons of certifications in energy work, body work, healing approaches, medical hypnotherapy, trans-personal counseling, spiritual pyscho-therapeutics, and seminars training.

His specialty is spiritual emergence and awakening for the gifted quantum generation and serves as an awakener, catalyst and facilitator for New Earth energetics. He is in private practice in Seattle and travels to teach his work through Intensives and large group Audience Work healing events. He is a frequent radio show presenter and public presenter.

 Kenji’s 39-year-old Earth dream is to build an off-the-grid community and retreat training center for world leaders and leading edge quantum thinkers of the new generation and to publish his direct transmissions through audio and video in many languages. The scope of his work is global and galactic in application. His mission is Sharing the Joy of Awakening and his vision is New Earth embodiment in daily living. Kenji is gathering his staff for the planetary road show and calling forth his soul group to connect and build together the Quantum Light-weaving matrix of transformation. He is working on his first teaching book about the Quantum.

In 2007, Kenji established Quantum Lightweaving (R)—his synthesis of over four decades in the field—and his Fellowship of Lightweavers in 2005 (to ordain certified spiritual healers). His website is where you can purchase his live and evergreen audios, videos, and pendants.

Learn more about the ascension process in Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. Yvonne Perry is available as a spiritual coach. See for information about a free 10-minute evaluation to see if coaching is right for you.
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