Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tips for Ascension: Baths and Salt Scrubs

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It not only protects everything inside our body, it brings in energy from our environment. Removing dead skin cells once or twice a week helps rejuvenate the skin, making it more efficient in detoxifying. It also brings new life to your complexion. Since there are different types of skin on your body, you wouldn’t use the same exfoliant all over. The larger granules of salt (or sugar) are great for the feet, while the tiny, mildly-abrasive particles in baking soda are great for the face. A bath in Epsom salt, baking soda, and sea salt can help draw out impurities in the skin, reduce soreness in muscles, and clear the field around the body. There are many essential oils that can be added to your bath. My favorites are lavender and bergamot. You can create your own mixture by adding essential oils to a cup of salt and half-cup of almond or olive oil. Mix well and then use it as a scrub or pour it into the bath water. Learn more about the ascension process in Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. Yvonne Perry is available as a spiritual coach. See http://weare1inspirit.com/coaching.htm for information about a free 10-minute evaluation to see if coaching is right for you.
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