Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ascension Symptoms: Change in Libido or Sexual Interest

As the ascension process occurs, you may note a change in your libido or sexual interests. Many are becoming more authentic and "coming out of the closet" about their sexual orientation.

Overall, the urge to gratify sexual desires through pornography, illicit encounters, and sex without love decreases as one ascends. In its place, there is fulfillment through intimacy and heartfelt joy as well as multiple and total body orgasms that can last for hours. Jealousy toward your partner is replaced with deep trust.

When you join with another in sexual intimacy, you share the fullness of your own self-love and divinity, and there’s no need to look outside of yourself for fulfillment. Because you truly become one with your partner as your energy fields merge during pleasurable intimate encounters, you communicate telepathically, which allows you to better understand and meet one another’s needs.

Sexual energy is a very powerful and sacred fuel that can propel the soul into purer realms of consciousness. I believe one of the reasons sex has been so perverted today and deemed taboo by many religions is because of the divine power it contains. Most people are afraid of their own divinity.

Society and religion have separated people from their sexuality and made them feel that it is shameful or dirty. Not only has this left them with emotional trauma, it has also cut them off from an infinite source of power, creativity, and expression. Ancient Goddess-worshipping cultures respected and understood the correct use of sexual energy and incorporated it into their rituals. Yogic disciplines and tantric arts teach how to channel life force and sexual energy within the body. Tantric sex can assist in transforming the energy body, which in turn raises the vibration of the physical body. This increase in vibration moves the body toward becoming healthy as it cleanses organs, glands, and the central nervous system. Sexual energy can be circulated throughout the body, strengthening the physical and subtle bodies and clearing emotional issues. For more information about how to use sexual energy for ascension, see

What ascension symptoms are you having?

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