Friday, September 14, 2012

Ascension Symptoms: Intuition and Psychic Gifts Increased

Continuing with some of the kinds of symptoms indicative of spiritual transformation, I'll touch on some of the intuitive and psychic gifts that are opening up for some people.
  • Your intuition may be stronger than ever. 
  • You may have a direct knowing of something, a sense when something is right, or if someone is lying to you. 
  • You may get “goose bumps” or shivers through your body indicating the truth of something you are exposed to. 
  • Perhaps you see, sense, or hear spirit beings around you. 
  • You may be more aware of subtler energies and be emotionally sensitive to the energy of others as your psychic awareness opens up. 
  • You may be able to feel what others are feeling or know what someone is thinking.

  • You may hear your name being called or you may hear voices that others do not hear. I can’t hear it well enough to decipher what is being said, but there are times when I can hear distant voices like the broadcast of a radio talk show. 
  • Your five natural senses are becoming more sensitive as they tap into higher dimensions of energy. You may smell things that others don’t. During my intercessory prayer days, I smelled a lot of supernatural fragrances such as lilacs or roses as well as sulphur and foul odors when praying for people.
  • Some people report having a sudden “spiritual awakening,” accompanied with the feeling of clarity and empowerment. I felt this kind of shift right after the merging of my oversoul in August 2011.
Leave a comment and let us know what ascension symptoms you are having.

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