Saturday, October 27, 2012

Clarity in Prayer Requests

When praying, state clearly and visualize what you want to manifest. Feel free to use the “Statement of Clear Intent” given later in this chapter. Describe your request in the present tense as if your prayer has already been answered. Call those things that are not yet manifested, as though they were already here. For example: I am healthy and whole. I am wealthy and prosperous. I am toned and fit at my ideal weight of ____ pounds. Adding details without giving criteria for fulfillment (must be done this way, at this time, by this person, etc.) is good!

Shift your focus onto what you want to create—not just on the things you want to draw to yourself, but to also recognize yourself as a magnificent empowered being and live from that confident perspective. Remember, if you are focused on what is wrong, that's what you will get more of. The more you focus on your desired intention, the faster a positive change will manifest for you. When you start to worry or feel depressed, use this statement of clear intent to get your mind and feelings back on track.

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