Friday, October 5, 2012

Tip for Ascension: Cleansing the Body

You don’t have to look very far to see how bad we have polluted the water, soil, and air of our environment. We have buried toxic waste in the ground and dumped rubbish in the oceans. Of course, this detrimentally affects all species. You might be surprised, however, that the most damage we do to our bodies is through what we eat and drink.

In ascension, the physical body is constantly detoxifying and constructing the light body. Adding contaminants to what needs to be detoxified, slows down the entire process of ascension. Gradually over many years in the ascension process, new frequencies will dissolve and transmute these toxins along with the thought form of separation. Once this occurs, disease and decay will cease to be experienced.

Until then, we can do ourselves a big favor and begin our reconnection to the Earth by refusing to eat processed foods and begin eating a plant-based diet—one that is primarily vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and fruits that contain chi or life-force energy. The fresher the food, the more chi it provides. Like Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine, your medicine be your food.” If you take care of yourself, you'll be better prepared for the shift.

You can also support the body in the ascension process by doing a cleanse that flushes impurities from the system. There are numerous dietary programs that help clean the colon, gallbladder, liver, kidneys, and digestive system. If your body is feeling lethargic, you might research your options and intuitively discern which type of cleanse is best for you.

Fasting from food—even if only for one meal—is one way to cleanse the body and let the digestive tract rest. Fasting can also serve a spiritual purpose if your intention is set to do so. When changing your diet or beginning the practice of fasting, it’s best to change things gradually and see how your body responds. During the writing of this book, I felt motivated and gained the wisdom to become a vegetarian. It has made a tremendous difference not only in the way I feel physically, but in the peace and clarity of mind that I enjoy to a greater degree than ever.

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