Friday, March 8, 2013

Effective Prayer has a Scientific Formula

Prayer has been proven to be effective throughout history. Then, why is it some prayers work while others fail? In his book, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, Gregg Braden relates that “The Lord’s Prayer” contains a scientific formula that has been lost in our Western thinking. This “vibratory technology” is very effective in producing great results from prayer.

Prayer is not the same as begging God for a favor. When I was in Christian prayer circles almost everyone prayed with a statement such as “If it be thy will” or “Dear God, please do this or that.” This type of pleading suggests that what you want is not what God wants for you or another person. I’ve since learned that God isn’t sitting on a throne somewhere out there deciding who is worthy of having a favor granted.

Thanks to the law of attraction, we always get whatever we are aligned with energetically. In other words, God always says, “yes” without partiality to what is being requested and whoever is making the request. We have free will to create anything we choose whether illness and death or love and life. Unfortunately, that means that we many times get what we don’t want because we are creating by default (unconsciously). We attract to ourselves whatever our emotions, thoughts, and hidden beliefs send out as a prayer. One universal law grants that whatever you focus on will increase. So, it is important that you do not dwell on the lack of something or give energy to what you don’t want to manifest. By doing so, you actually create more of the conditions that you don’t want! It’s not hard to pray without ceasing. Everything we say, think, or feel is a prayer. Yikes!

When we carry pure thoughts and emotions, we vibrate in alignment with the Divine Plan and we can simply speak forth our desires. Jesus commanded with clarity what he wanted to transpire: “Be healed!” or “Lazarus, come forth!” and it happened instantly. Jesus said that we could do even greater things than He did. We simply must have the same mind (pure thoughts) and faith that He did.

You can engage in prayer to God, Goddess, the Holy Spirit, saints, angels, archangels, ascended masters, and other spiritual helpers because we are all one in spirit. The thing that counts is a heart-felt desire to connect with God-Goddess to bring about a desired action that aligns with the Divine Plan to bring Heaven to Earth. Prayer is a lifestyle carried out in state of consciousness. Once you learn to master this level of consciousness, the words you speak in faith with clarity and positive emotions will come forth faster and faster. If you want to study the scientific formula behind effective prayer, I suggest you read Susan Shumsky’s book, Miracle Prayer: Nine Steps to Creating Prayers That Get Results.

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