Saturday, March 30, 2013

Past-Life Regression

Discovering who you were or what you did in a past life can create a change in the life you are currently living. Having information that helps you understand why certain people are in your life or why some places call to you, or why particular events trigger a subtle memory can be beneficial.

My past-life regression significantly helped me because it added beneficial information about situations and people in my life. I was able to see one particular person as innocent of the “crime” that I perceived he had done to me. Knowing that our difficulties were not a product of this incarnation, but rather of a previous one that needed to be transcended, made forgiving this person and moving on much easier. Since we are all connected, my letting go of the detrimental feelings I had toward this person produced healing in the relationships with other people we both mutually loved.

If you decide to do a regression, I hope you will avoid getting distracted by what you remember about past lives. Remember to live in the present (this NOW moment) and not the past.

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