Friday, March 22, 2013

Soul Exchanges: Picking up the Pieces

If you had a soul shift or walk-in, you probably remember when you began to feel totally different. The body may have been in shock if this happened due to a car accident, surgery, coma, near-death experience, or suicide attempt. Perhaps you did not recognize the people around you or feel a kinship with family members soon after. Even though you retain the memories of your body's past history, you may have had lapses of memory—especially regarding your childhood.

When you buy a used vehicle or house, the former owner may have left some mechanical or deferred maintenance that needs to be tended to. The same is true with walk-ins. The natal soul may have left physical or emotional messes for the walk-in soul to sort through and repair. In addition to wading through that mess, the body must deal with the influx of higher-vibrating energy that the walk-in soul emanates. It can feel like a 220-volt current moving through a circuit wired for 110 current. This amplification may cause the body’s nervous system to feel as though it has been fried. Nervousness, tension, anxiety, headaches, body aches, emotional outbursts, and physical illnesses have to be worked out.

A walk-in soul inherits the cellular memory within the body. Naturally, there is a transition period during which the personality and characteristics of the original soul fade away and allow the traits and giftedness of the incoming soul to emerge. However, it is not uncommon for walk-in souls to get "stuck" in the lingering patterns of the natal soul, thus compromising the purpose and mission of the walk-in soul.

A walk-in usually occurs in mid-life, which means these souls are not faced with forms of parental discipline or educational systems that are out of alignment with higher consciousness. Initially, most walk-ins are not consciously aware that a soul exchange has taken place, which means he or she may deal with temporary disorientation as to why they suddenly feel so different. He or she may notice changes in lifestyles and preferences or feel compelled to change their names, life partners, or jobs. Many walk-ins detach from the natal soul's family. Therefore, a divorce is not uncommon with walk-ins. Gradually, the soul becomes accustomed to being in a physical body on an unfamiliar planet.

While I personally did not have recognition of what was occurring prior to and during my walk-in, there are many souls who are aware of the contract they have made as a walk-in and know when the transfer is about to take place. Because conscious walk-ins have contact with higher dimensions and bring in full or partial memory of their mission, they seem to have a less traumatic transfer and don’t have a major shift in personality.

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