Saturday, March 2, 2013

God Doesn't Make Junk DNA!

We have entered a time when conventional medicine is not able to answer the mysterious things that are happening to our physical bodies as we ascend into higher frequency dimensions or octaves of consciousness.

Ascension expert Lisa Renee says that our DNA is shifting to unlock the codes to strands that scientists have deemed as “junk” DNA. We know our all-wise creator doesn't make junk DNA.Scientists call it junk because they have not found what these strands are for. These strands are our connection to multidimensional consciousness and you may sense that you have tapped into these realms.

It’s important to stay in your body while this is occurring and allow the frequencies from these higher octaves to be embodied. Oneness is our natural state as spiritual beings. This 3-D world on Earth puts us behind a veil that causes us to think we are separate entities. Strange sounding, I know. There's a lot of people having ascension symptoms. Are you one of them?

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