Thursday, February 28, 2013

Opening the Heart to Receive

Each person has three hearts—the trinity of human spirituality. These are defined as I see them:
  1. The physical heart supports the physical body. It’s the organ that pumps and circulates blood throughout the body. The heart chakra is a reception site for the energy coming from the spiritual heart.
  2. The personal or spiritual heart connects us to a dimension of pure, spiritual awareness or unconditional love, which is free of mental and emotional influences. The spiritual heart is also the center of creativity.
  3. Connecting the physical heart to the spiritual heart is the Sacred Heart (God, All That Is) that supports the electromagnetic energy field of the brain/body. It is where true prayer (or communion with our creator) resides. This is our true essence!
The spiritual heart is how we connect to the divine within us and heal any aspect of ourselves that has fragmented. Reconnecting with the Sacred Heart allows you to become aware of your authentic self that easily experiences love, peace, and joy. Your human perspective in this 3-D world may have caused you to see yourself as separate from the Sacred Heart, but truly you have never been disconnected from it. You can count on the Sacred Heart to always be there. It dwells within you forever.

When the heart knows its connection, miracles can happen. The body becomes healthy and life situations improve. Dreams, pure thoughts, enlightening visions, and limitless possibilities streaming from the Sacred Heart create positive changes that truly serve our oneness and support the shift we are making as a species.

When you are operating from the Sacred Heart space, you radiate love from every pore of your body. This causes the cells of your physical body to be filled with light (spirit). When you are joined with the light, all sickness and death are erased from the cellular memory of your body and it becomes immortal. Death is overcome. Your flesh becomes spirit (a light body). This is the second birth. This is what it means to be born again.

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