Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Should Drugs Be Used to Help with Spiritual Integration?

When I was suffering with depression, I had a friend who chided me because I was taking a medication to help balance the chemical levels in my brain. This person believed that only “natural” (drug-free) healing was of God and therefore discredited and frowned upon any dependence upon a drug to rebalance the human body. No one should force you to adhere to their particular belief about anything! You and your divine guidance know what is right for your body and your spiritual path. God gives us all things freely to enjoy. So, whether it is allopathic medicine, surgery, physical therapy, diet, exercise, vitamins/supplements, flower essences, meditation, energy work, aromatherapy, some ancient modality, or the suggestions in my books or blogs, everything we do to help our bodies integrate purer frequencies is welcome to participate in our routine for staying healthy.

I will never tell someone not to take a medication that benefits their overall well-being. However, it would be much better to be treated with natural supplements and phytotherapy rather than synthetic drugs. These plant-based remedies weren’t readily available when I needed them more than a decade ago, but they are now. The strength or potency level needed to effectively treat many conditions is much higher than what you can get in herbal supplements purchased over the counter. Rather than self-treating, you are better off to consult a medical doctor known as a naturopathic physician, who uses phytotherapy and high-quality supplements to treat root causes.

Being on a drug or herbal supplement that eases symptoms doesn’t excuse anyone from practicing spiritual purification. An anti-depressant may help you manage symptoms of empathy fatigue while you work diligently to heal your body, transform your mind, and clear unresolved issues. But it’s not an end to the underlying problem, which is an unconscious belief such as not feeling good enough or worthy of good health or thinking that everyone is supposed to suffer and die.

Pain is your body’s way of communicating with you that something that is out of alignment. Dr. Henry Grayson's book, Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind, is an excellent resource for healing the issues underlying the problem that is manifesting as a health concern.

Be sure to seek the gift in whatever discomfort your body is manifesting.  Ask yourself, your body, and your guides what the underlying message or belief is that needs to shift. Then, take action upon what you discern. If you need to forgive someone (even yourself), do that. If you need to stop being around a particular person or situation, set and maintain stronger boundaries. If you need medical treatment, get it. If you feel a massage would help, call for an appointment. If you need energetic healing or prayer, ask someone you trust to pray for you or send love and light.

In holistic treatment there is no “us” and “them,” right or wrong, good or bad. All components can be integrated, and all things can work together for good. God gives us all things to freely enjoy and your body is yours to manage as you see fit. Do whatever you think is best for it, and know that you are always loved!

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