Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What is Overlighting of An Oversoul?

The soul or consciousness is a higher vibration of the personality that resides in the physical body. At least a dozen aspects or essences of the soul/oversoul/ higher self are in the area above our head at the crown chakra. This group is called a monad or soul group.

Overlighting is when an aspect of your soul or oversoul, ascended masters, spirit guides, teachers, or angels drape their energy over you for a period of time. During my twelve days of ecstatic bliss whiel I was receiving an overlighting from my oversoul, I sought the counsel of Dr. Caron Goode to gather what information she might provide regarding this situation. I gave her as few details as possible so she would not be guided by my interpretation. Caron didn’t sense that a walk-in was occurring. Instead, she saw an eighth- or ninth-dimensional being draping over my physical body. Only my feet and lower legs were showing. The artwork on the cover of my ascension book is a representation of what she saw. During an overlighting arrangement, a person is able to take advantage of the spiritual knowledge of the higher aspect of the oversoul; and the oversoul is able to anchor itself in the Earth plane through the physical body.

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