Friday, February 22, 2013

Are You Having Unusual Spiritual Experiences?

Many people are having some very unusual experiences that they would like to understand and share with others who are going through similar life-transformations. That’s why I’m organizing a conference in Nashville, Tennessee May 17-18, 2013. There will be six speakers, who are able to address topics such as the collaborative process between humans and cosmic beings, ascending with Divine Mother (Sophia) energy, how the body can be used as a guidance tool, and how to discover your life’s mission.

Starseeds, indigos, empaths, and walk-ins are arriving in greater numbers than ever as the Earth moves through a galactic alignment that is increasing the vibration of the planet. During this time of ascension, the level of human consciousness is being raised, and awareness of our multidimensional selves is increasing.

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Learn more about the ascension process in Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. Yvonne Perry is available as a spiritual coach. See for information about a free 10-minute evaluation to see if coaching is right for you.
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