Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tip for Ascension: Self-forgiveness

Self-forgiveness dispels guilt, shame and feelings of inferiority can block your path to knowing oneness. There may be some people you choose to love from a distance, but that choice is healing nonetheless. The more you love our Creator, yourself, and others, the happier, brighter, and more successful your life will become. The answer then is to love God-Goddess with all your heart, mind, and soul. This raises the vibration of your physical body into a higher octave or level of frequency.

Ascension comes after the resurrection from separation, but there can be no resurrection until something dies or ceases to exist. This is why many individuals are encountering a dark night of the soul and there is so much upheaval in society. The purification path to ascension has been difficult because we have resisted the process that brings an end to human suffering and dethrones the ego.

If you feel there is something in your life that needs to undergo the cleansing, refining process, be willing to allow it. Let yourself feel what you feel in order to deal with the core issue. When you deal, you will heal. As you heal yourself, you heal others and the planet. Then, the only thing left of a past belief or situation is the lesson learned—there’s no emotional attachment to it. The karma (the law of sin and death) is erased from the Book of Life (Akashic Records) and the event no longer has power over you.

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