Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Have You Been Visited By Your Future Self?

More and more people are being visited by their highly-evolved future selves or light beings. These non-physical beings may be an aspect of the multidimensional soul, which is living in some other star or planetary system. They could be angels or members of our galactic family. In this time of ascension, we are experiencing the coming together or reuniting of our various personalities of god self. Some are living on Earth, but some are in other dimensions having other realities. There is no real time or space except on earth—just dimensions which are best described as vibrational levels of consciousness. Souls have the ability to visit other planes of reality; we do this many times when we dream or travel astrally.

I spoke with a woman this morning who six years ago experienced a temporary merge with one of her future selves. This advanced being was able to read the thoughts of other people and knew exactly what they were thinking. She heard voices and could ask a question to this guidance and get a precise answer, which could then be verified. This aspect spoke through her and said things that amazed her human host who was experiencing a state of bliss. Suddenly after two weeks, the higher being was gone and things were back to normal, which meant she no longer had these abilities or the blissful feelings.  I had a similar experience in August of 2011. I was in an ecstatic state and smelled a heavenly fragrance around me 24/7 for twelve days. It was like I was floating on a cloud. Nothing bothered me, I had no fear or worry. Then, poof! It was gone and I felt alone and forsaken. When I realized this blissful state was not coming back, I actually felt angry! It’s been a year and a half and I’m now beginning to experience longer and more frequent states of bliss like I had during that time of visitation.  I’m wondering how many readers of my blogs have had or are experiencing some unusual abilities like these or discovered some supernatural gifts, skill, or language. Perhaps you gained a strong sense of knowing, noticed intense feelings or hyper-sensitivity, smell etheric aromas, etc.? If so, when did your experience occur? How long did your experience last?  Please leave a comment on this blog post and share with others.

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