Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prayer Method: Sending Light to Others

There’s a lot of talk about light these days. Many people sign their emails with something like “Love and Light.” How does that effort benefit anyone?

The light represents oneness or unity with God-Goddess, which brings peace of mind as it purifies our thoughts and allows higher truth to guide us. Light is the resolution of all conflicts and thoughts propagated by the ego’s belief in separation. Light is a pure state of mind that is so unified with Source that darkness cannot be perceived in another person. Therefore, light makes it possible to see as God-Goddess sees.

You cannot find light by analyzing darkness. As Saint Germain revealed to Godfr√© Ray King in Unveiled Mysteries, “No one can keep his thoughts and feelings qualified with Perfection unless he goes to the ‘Source of Perfection,’ for that quality and activity only abide within the God Flame.” Light is within us. It is our Divine nature. There is chaos and darkness all around us. We are to mindfully choose our response to each thought or feeling that comes our way. As the old saying goes, “A bird may land on your head, but you don’t have to let it build a nest there.” Saying “no” to discordant energy and saying “yes” to the Light of God-Goddess within your heart is the correct way to use energy. The kingdom of God is right mindedness (right use of energy), peace, and joy. If anything manifests as something other than this loving nature it is not your true self. It is the ego’s device to keep you from recognizing your oneness with the divine. To rise above the veil that causes us to see ourselves as something other than a perfect child of God, we must allow the light to shine through us and upon us.

By acknowledging darkness through harboring fear, hatred, resentment, and judgment, we allow it to grow. That’s because what we focus on increases. Focus on the light and love within yourself and others; it will grow and transform your mind, reprogramming it to think on higher things. This is your true nature/self—your spiritual essence that has been hidden by the illusion of fear. Perceive light in yourself and others to experience a miraculous return to wholeness.

Imagine you are in a tent, camping out in your own backyard. When you turn on a flashlight you can see everything inside the tent. The darkness is still outside your tent. Now you turn on the floodlights in your yard, and the area around you contains less darkness. At sunrise, there is even more light around you. At mid-day there is no darkness at all. Compare this to your own spiritual light. There is enough light inside you (your own tent) to light your own path. When you expand your light into your aura, it’s like turning on the floodlights in your backyard. You begin to affect others with your light. Once you make it clear that you want the light and that you don’t want darkness around you, the universe will respond by bringing more and more light. The next thing you know, there is no darkness around you.

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