Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tip for Ascension: Soul Retrieval

As multidimensional beings and individuations of the Divine Cosmic Intelligence, our souls have multiple counterparts or aspects residing in dimensions besides this Earth plane. There is no limit to how many individual parts make up the whole of creation. Any of these soul parts can influence or assist us in our life on Earth. An embodied soul can fragment (divide and scatter) during severe trauma or if intense emotional overload occurs. An aspect of our personality may “flee the scene” or dissociate during the ordeal and go into hiding until it feels safe to return. This aspect may go into protector mode and pop up as self-sabotage anytime we experience a similar or disturbing event.

The soul fragments can be reunited with the embodied soul through a practice known as soul retrieval. For centuries, Native American shamans have practiced the art of calling home lost parts of the soul. You may hear Janice Mickel speak about shamanic soul retrieval on We Are One in Spirit Podcast:

My experience with soul retrieval in the late 1990s produced a profound sense of healing for my inner child. During the session, I relived a childhood event that I had repressed so deeply that I did not remember it for thirty-five years. This explained the confusing snippets of a traumatic “mental video” that had replayed and troubled me for many years. When the soul retrieval was complete, the replays ceased and I no longer had ill feelings toward the person who had abused me. Finally, my mom and I understood why I had mysteriously hated this woman all my life.

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