Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ascension Symptom: Ringing in the Ears (auditory sensations)

For as long as I can remember, I have heard a very high-frequency and very loud humming tone in my ears. It is never accompanied by pain or a feeling of being filled with fluid and I rarely ever experience dizziness. I thought everyone had this ringing until I was in my twenties and mentioned it to my doctor one day. He brushed it off as tinnitus. I knew intuitively that it was related to something spiritual because the spirit gives us messages in our body, mind, emotions, and physical senses.

Abraham, through Esther Hicks, says that this ringing is caused by resisting the guidance that is coming to you from higher planes of consciousness. It indicates that the body is not vibrating high enough to hear the message coming from accelerated vibration. It is a distortion or vibrational interruption as you reach for a vibration you are not up to speed with. The answer is to increase the body’s vibration. While that may be an acceptable answer, I still maintain the intuitive hunch that this humming is a frequency attuned to a higher realm.

What ascension symptoms are you having? Care to share a comment?

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  1. any suggestions for raising your vibration so you can get the auditory message?

  2. My book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness has all kinds of tips for raising your vibration and enhance the ability to tune into your guidance.

  3. I get this.my heart is 180 sitting down.they say nothing is wrong with my heart.in 2010 it was at 110. I takeedicone for it since it was to a point I couldn't stand so now even with the beta blocker it is still increased 85 sitting.I just came across what kundalini is and am considering this as what is happening.I hav more syptoms too.

  4. So many people are having strange symptoms right now. We can talk about these on our next call if you would like to join us. The replay link to our last call is http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=47296083. Please make sure you are on our mailing list so you get a notice of our next call.

  5. After a head cold I developed for the first time in my life an ear infection. Took antibiotics and cleared it completely but soon after I started hearing a humming in my left ear. I went to a specialists, did all the regular exams and told me I had perfect hearing and everything looked fine. It is being almost a month and a half and this humming is not going away. Sometimes it stops for a day or two and then comes back. I'm pretty depress about it, and I'm trying the natural remedies to eliminate it. I noticed that it increases with stress. I've been reading a lot about Ascension and the symptoms, but I'm afraid it could be something more physical? What do you think.

    1. I've had a high-pitched tone in both ears for decades. It fluctuates in volume and pitch. Stress does make it worse, but I've learned to live with it. My hearing--both physical and spiritual guidance--is fine. So many people are having this symptom and there seems to be no medical explanation for this type of tinnitus. I believe that it is an energetic signal that sends frequencies to and from our galactic overseers and soul group.