Monday, December 3, 2012

Tip for Ascension: Grounding and Centering Your Energy

With so many accelerated frequencies from the cosmos permeating the Earth’s atmosphere, you may find that you become ungrounded more easily these days. Therefore, grounding is more important now to your emotional and energetic well-being than ever before.

Grounding your energy brings you fully present in your body. Compared to a three-pronged electric cord, your grounding cord neutralizes the surge of accelerated frequencies your body picks up and doesn’t know what to do with. The Earth energies that you bring upward into your body during the grounding process help stabilize cosmic energies in your body and on the Earth. Grounding also protects your nervous system from the “shock” that comes from having too much fast-vibrating energy in the body. This is the nervousness, anxiety, confusion, and brain fog many people feel after having a spiritually-transforming experience.

Grounding can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You can visualize your roots growing down into the Earth. You can get outside in nature—it’s especially helpful to walk barefoot on the ground. Eating, doing physical exercise, or breathing consciously can help center you in your body.

Before you begin this exercise, you need to choose a color for your grounding cord. Try on different ones until you find one that feels right and aligns with whatever you need that day.

Part One:

  • I see divine white light clearing my body and aura as it enters the crown of my head from the cosmos. This cleansing, loving light flows through me and exits my feet where it goes into the Earth and the very center of Mother Gaia.
  • The grounding cord extending from my body is _________ (color).
  • My aura extends 2.5 feet from my body.
  • I see a sparkling shower of golden sunlight washing my aura. Archangels Michael and Chamuel are in place to help with this process.
  • Christ-gold light surrounds me. Certainty blue light surrounds me.
  • The Violet flame of St. Germain is in place outside my aura to absorb any detrimental energy released in this session and transmute it into beneficial energy for me, my life, my body, and others.
Part Two:

• Cosmic gold light energy begins in my crown, flows down my spine and the back of my chakras, and curves under my tail bone. Ten percent flows down through my grounding cord. The other 90 percent flows upward to my fifth chakra where it divides three ways: upward and out through my crown, down each shoulder and arm, and then out the palms.
• Mother Gaia’s love and light Earth energies ascend through my feet, up my legs, joining with the cosmic gold flow at my tail bone and flowing consecutively with the cosmic gold light for the next ten minutes.

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