Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Using Feelings and Emotions to Manifest More Quickly

Have you noticed that the time it takes between desiring something and then seeing it manifest is shorter than it used to be? This is a result of the shift we are currently participating in. The energy is here for acceleration of everything. Everything is energy, including our thoughts—even our prayers; therefore, everything we see is a projection of our thoughts and feelings. The difference in lip service and heart service in prayer is the faith and energy of your feelings and emotions. Words that do not come from the heart are empty. Mankind has uttered millions of words that have had little effect. So, if you want to take your manifestation ability to the next level and really see results, you’ll need to do more than just speak. Feelings, beliefs, and emotions are powerful.

When you believe that you have what you want when you speak prayers/affirmations with feelings of gratitude, hope, love, joy, or any emotion, it fuels your words and creates a shift in energy that will produce results. It raises your consciousness to a meaningful level and expresses a sincere desire of the heart, which connects with the co-creative power of the universe. The more energetically charged your prayer/affirmation, the faster it will be answered.

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