Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who is Writing Our History?

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012 because the future is ours to create. We are writing our history and our future with every thought we think. Whether is it the end of the world through natural or human disaster, or the New Heaven and New Earth, we are creating what we will experience next. Thus, it’s is a great time to be on the planet and help facilitate this shift into purer consciousness.

Fear-based practices and beliefs that do not serve the light are fading away as we align with the Divine Mother’s ability to recognize and feel emotion without judgment. What remains then is the loving energy of the Sacred Heart that assures our ascension.

Now is the time to fully realize what it means to be spiritual beings having a human experience, and know that together we can make the dream of world peace come true. Like a caterpillar, pushing its way out of the cocoon, our true authentic self is about to take flight! We are ushering in a kingdom of light and love in which all are innocent, where peace abides, and cooperation for the good of all is manifested. The illusion of death, dying, and separation are being replaced with the sweetness of eternal oneness in the nurturing love of the Divine Mother. Get excited about the future, own your power, and let’s manifest the New Earth that is about to peek over the horizon!

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