Saturday, November 24, 2012

Entity Release Prayer

Having discovered an entity attached to the auric field of a person, it is simple to remove it with the help of the angels, archangels, or ascended masters. Try this on yourself before you administer it to others. Do not violate the free will of another person, or attempt to remove an entity from anyone who is not aware of what you are doing, or has not given permission for this to be done. This will only aggravate the entity and make it more aggressive.

Lighting a candle, incense, or sage can enhance the following practice to release an earthbound entity.
  1. Call upon Archangel Michael to detach and remove the earthbound entity from the human’s field and prevent the spirit from influencing the human again.
  2. Ask Archangels Azrael and Chamuel to help the earthbound soul cross into the Light where it may begin the next phase of soul development.
  3. Depending upon how long the entity has been in place, detachment could create a hole in the auric field of the host human. Call for Archangel Raphael to bring his healing emerald green light and fill the hole and any gaps or tears left by the departed entity.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to clear, seal, and protect the entire aura and allow it to heal without further invasion.
  5. Ask that Archangel Uriel assist with keeping the aura healthy and whole.
  6. Thank Archangels Michael, Azrael, Chamuel, Raphael, and Uriel for their assistance.

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