Friday, November 30, 2012

Examples of Oneness through Technology

Through the ascension process we are leaving behind the idea that we are separate from our creator and one another. You’ve probably noticed how easily children pick up on using the Internet, cell phones, video games, cameras, and other technological devices. My cousin’s four-year-old grandson performed an unsupervised Google search and then called his parents to the computer to see the Wii Fitness Plus game he wanted them to buy him! This ability to intuitively focus on what we want to manifest is a forerunner of the telepathic skills that I believe we will soon be using.

The computer and the Internet are examples of our oneness. We have a wealth of information and divine intelligence inside of us, even though we may not use all of it. Turn on the computer (or other devices such as a smart phone or wireless tablet) and you can access a portal of information known as the Internet. Although no one knows “where” the Web resides, it is interconnected with strands of information linking to sites everywhere—multi-dimensionally perhaps. We can find historical facts and photos about any event. This can cause us to feel as though we were physically there to experience it when it was occurring.

This ability correlates to our past lives. Humans are able to read one another’s pages (mind, energy) to ascertain information about them—hopefully to better understand or help them. The Internet parallels this ability by connecting us on social networking sites. We awake each day to new posts on our Facebook wall or Twitter stream. People reveal a lot about themselves on these sites, which gives us a sense of oneness and community as we navigate Earth life. We continue to socialize with them through our thoughts even when we are not connected to the Internet.

Our history is stored in the Akashic records, our genes, DNA, and cellular memory. We have etheric cords to everything we have experienced, everywhere we have been, and everyone we have met. This is paralleled as the browsing history and cache and “cookies” on our computers. Our steps can be traced back to the sites where we have left personal information and an energetic imprint.

Doing an energetic clearing on the body, chakras, or aura (electromagnetic field) is like cleaning the cache on your computer. You can release psychic cords that connect you to the detrimental energy of other people. Because we are one, we can never completely disconnect from another person or anything that has happened. Therefore, integrating rather than severing the tie is a better choice. Integration is what the clearing exercises in this book will accomplish. You don’t need to be protected from anything or anyone. You will find that integrating and transmuting (changing the vibration of the energy) is better than trying to get rid of it. Energy can’t be destroyed; it can only be converted or transmuted into something else. Why not use all kinds of energy to bless your life and others?

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