Monday, November 19, 2012

Meeting the Higher Self in Your Sacred Heart

Many researchers at the Heart Math Institute are helping people connect with their intuition, higher selves, and souls within the sacred heart space. The purpose of connecting with your higher self is to listen to the truth inside you. When you are vibrating at this level of wisdom, you live authentically, you are clear about your mission, and are raising the vibration of everyone you meet. The higher self is alive and well inside us. It just needs to be activated/re-activated, contacted, or met. We’re going to do that today through a meditation called “Meeting the Higher Self in Your Sacred Heart” led by Dr. Susan Allison. Do this meditation in a safe place that’s quiet and where there’s not likely to be any distraction. Close your eyes closed as you sit or lie comfortably. Take a deep conscious breath—not a shallow breath in your chest—but take the air all the way down to your belly or as far down as possible. Breathe in positive energy of love, light, peace, joy, and goodness. When you exhale, let go of limitation, doubt, negativity, and anything that no longer serves you. Take a couple more deep inhalations, breathing in everything good and exhaling to release anything you no longer need. Let go of any resistance, unwillingness, tension… just let it drift away.  Now take one more deep breath in, and on the exhale imagine that you magically travel downward. Feel yourself journeying all the way down into your sacred heart space. You arrive in a beautiful place. It could be a garden. It could be a temple. Just allow it to appear however it wants to, naturally and effortlessly. Now you’re in your sacred heart space. Using all your senses, notice where you are. Look around at whatever showed up. Take it all in. Breathe in the colors, the sights, the sounds, everything as it appears before you.  Now invite your higher self to join you. Notice as he or she begins to appear. Some people see a brighter, larger, more brilliant person than they are. You might see a version of yourself. Your highest being might look a little like you. Or you might see a light, or energy, or a higher being of another shape and form. It may appear female or feminine. It may be male or masculine. For some people, it’s sort of androgynous—it’s not male or female— it’s a combination or they can’t quite distinguish which it is. However your highest being appears, it’s perfect.  Let your higher self come toward you and stand/sit down. Next, you’re going to have a conversation with your higher self and all their words will come into your mind. You might not actually see them speak but you’re going to hear whatever wisdom that they have for you. You can choose what to ask. You might ask about your life, your purpose, or anything that will help you to raise your vibration and brighten your life as an awakening soul. Ask what you need to change or release, or what needs to be the focus in your life. You can ask for wisdom or guidance about how to handle a situation, problem, or challenge in your life right now.  What is your higher self saying to you? Often it will say “You’re doing great. You’re doing fine; you’re doing incredibly well; keep doing what you’re doing…” You might get a specific answer so listen to this highest self’s voice. Let yourself have a conversation for as long as you like. Pay attention to how the voice sounds so you can remember it when it comes in next time.  Be sure to thank your higher self for always being here and having the wisdom to share with you and for helping you to become the very brightest and highest being that you can be in this lifetime. It’s time to leave your heart space and come back, even though you may not want to because it’s so beautiful and wonderful. But come back for now, remembering that you can return at any time you choose by using your breath to journey into your heart space. Do this as often and as much as you want. You can ask more specific questions or get general guidance and wisdom about your life.  Take a breath in and feel yourself in your body as you leave the heart space. Feel yourself rising up, up, up every time you take a breath in. Bring back with you all the wisdom of this meditation. On an exhale feel yourself settling into your entire body. Move your hands, your arms, move your legs, and feel your feet on the floor and move them. Feel the earth beneath you. Bring in that earth energy to feel grounded and solid. Feel the couch, the chair, the bed wherever you are. As you feel more solid, open your eyes.  Take a drink of water and feel it ground you. Write down everything you said, felt, heard, or experienced during this meditation. What did your higher self look and sound like? What was said to you? Write it all down with as much detail as possible. Do this as soon as possible because it’s very rich, and you’ll learn so much from that exercise.  So now you know how to access your highest self in the sacred heart space. You can use this technique to listen to your heart self and actually become your higher self as you tame the ego and it’s voice fades away. I hope you will do this meditation again and again.
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