Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tip for Ascension: Being Fully Present in Your Body

In order to fully feel your feelings, you must be fully present in your body; not floating around up in the ethers, but fully integrated, with your feet planted firmly on the Earth. This is where grounding and centering comes in. If you are not present in your body, it is not possible to fully feel your feelings and process them. Listen to what your body and emotions are telling you. If they are negative or uncomfortable, consider what thoughts or beliefs they are pointing to that need changing or realigning. I don’t think it is necessary to figure out what happened in a past life unless you truly feel this is the root to what’s causing your current dilemma. In those cases, a past-life regression might bring understanding to help you process what you need to do next. It’s best to simply accept what is happening now. Focus on this moment or where you want to be rather than on where you have been.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t express your feelings. I certainly am not suggesting that you deny, repress, or judge them. What I mean is it’s not necessary to wallow in guilt, despair, and shame, or give undesirable emotions undue attention. For example, if you start feeling sorry for yourself, you can nip self-pity in the bud.

If I experience something upsetting with another person, I’ve found it effective to write a letter (and then burn it without giving it to the person), or pretend that the offender is sitting in front of me while I calmly speak my truth. Voicing your concerns privately in this manner releases the internal pressure of unexpressed e-motions—energy in motion. I have seen issues resolved by calling a spirit-to-spirit meeting with my guides and the guides of the person I am upset with. I like to end these sessions by offering forgiveness, which moves the ego out of the way and allows divine light to do what it does best—heal our bodies, situations, the collective mind, and the planet from the illusion of separation.

Venting without self-control (spirit control!) can be embarrassing or dangerous as it riles the ego in both parties and only makes the situation worse. If you can sit down calmly with the other person and discuss the situation in a non-accusing manner and without allowing your emotions to get in the way, that’s great! Your thoughts are becoming purer and more loving.

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