Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Embracing Divine Feminine Energy

The Divine Mother is known by many names in all religions and traditions. In Christianity, she is the Virgin Mary. In Hawaii, she is Pele. In China, she is Quan Yin. In India, she is represented by Shakti and many other goddesses. Many of the goddesses of Pagan religions,, such as Wicca come from Greek/Roman mythology. Regardless of what you call Her or what religious path you follow, the Divine Mother can be a nurturing presence and a powerful guide during your ascension process.

Men and women possess both the masculine and feminine aspects of the divine. In each individual one aspect is typically expressed more than the other. What we want to achieve is a balance of both these energies. Since there has been an excess of masculine energy in the male-dominant patriarchal system under which we have lived for thousands of years, it is necessary to bring more divine feminine energy into our lives and onto this planet just to tip the scales toward equilibrium.

In a patriarchal system, the strongest or wealthiest person is at the top of the pyramid. Those who are more vulnerable are crushed under the weight of the pyramid; so, they either submit or they are ignored/eliminated. A system heavy with masculine energy is very linear (i.e.: we are mental creatures, who just happen to live in a body), controlling, and greed-based, as seen in the operation of banks, governments, the Federal Reserve, huge pharmaceutical companies, and the stock market. We put our money and our faith into a system because we want to be able to take care of ourselves when we reach retirement age. We could be investing in a matriarchal system or “global village mindset” where everyone—especially elders—is valued and cared for. These are two very different ways of taking care of people as they age. One is built on self-sufficiency and the other is built on community.

Fear-driven patriarchal systems are currently going through shock and starting to crumble as the Divine Mother energy is arising on Earth. We are shifting to a matriarchal system where there is consideration for every person and each person has an equal voice. Rather than controlling others, we are beginning to honor a sense of community in which we rely on gifts of intuition and share in order to meet one another’s needs.

There are several books I recommend to help you better understand why the divine feminine energy must arise as part of the ascension process. Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong brings illumination to the sacred philosophies and teachings of the concealed Essene community of which Jesus Christ (Yeshua ben Joseph) was an initiate. Heartsong offers mystical insight into how the “light-conceived” Jesus acquired the knowledge and power to perform miracles, including raising His physical body after being in the tomb for three days. The mysteriously “lost years” of Jesus are lost only in the Bible, which has been altered by patriarchal “powers that be” in order to gain control of the masses throughout the years. Other historical documents recently unearthed demonstrate Jesus’ presence in Egypt, England, India, Italy, and throughout the Mediterranean. This book revolutionized my understanding of the life and ministry of Jesus. I fell in love with Him in a totally new way after reading it.

Rock Your World with the Divine Mother by Sondra Ray is another excellent read. In chapter 12, she gives a prayer honoring the 108 names of the Divine Mother. I have created my own version of a similar prayer to invoke the presence of the Divine Mother. I invite you to listen to the MP3 “Divine Mother Puja” at or create your own version.

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