Friday, November 2, 2012

Ascension Symptoms: Depression and Loss of Interest

by Yvonne Perry, author of Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience.

You may experience a change in interests and aspirations or find that you are simply not interested in the people and things that you once were. As old issues come back, you may experience sudden waves of emotion such as crying, anger, loneliness, or sadness. Depression is common when something is coming up for healing. It will pass as soon as it is processed.

It was commonplace each year for as long as I can remember for me to experience some seasonal depression due to the lack of sunlight and daylight hours in the winter. However, I was having one of the best winters ever in late 2011. For Christmas, my husband got one of those machines that converts LP vinyl albums and cassettes into MP3 files. In early January 2012, I was on a cleaning and reorganizing rampage and decided to go through a box of cassette tapes stored in the top of the den closet. There were about a hundred recorded hours of me playing the piano during the early 1980s to late 1990s when I was the church pianist and accompanist for soloists, quartets, trios, youth choirs, and church choirs. Converting the tapes into a digital format would preserve them, but it meant I had to listen to them in real-time. For several days, I laughed hysterically at the amateur lyrics of the songs I had written during the days when I aspired to be a famous songwriter. I found a tape of me interacting with my children when they were preschool age. I enjoyed hearing them sing their ABCs and recite nursery rhymes, and got a big kick out of my daughter’s dismay at discovering that Humpty Dumpty was an egg. I re-experienced my Liberace renditions of “It is Well with My Soul,” “Ivory Palaces,” and “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” from my Southern Baptist days. I went even farther down memory lane as I tripped over the shaped-notes of my southern gospel playing style from the old red-back Church Hymnal and Inspiration No. 4 that we used in the church I attended as a child and teenager.

Even after the task was completed, I felt like “Traveling On” and found myself still sailing in “The Good Old Gospel Ship,” envisioning my mansion over the hilltop, and “Winging My Way Back Home” while having a “Little Talk with Jesus.” Then, suddenly it hit me. I became so depressed that I didn’t want to get out of bed. My body ached, and I kept right on binging on chocolate, coffee, sodas, and other comfort foods. Overnight, I had lost all interest in my work, and refused to answer the phone because I didn’t want to talk with anyone or be around people. I was an emotional mess, swinging from bouts of anger to episodes of crying for no apparent reason. Since I had felt so good for so long, this dejected condition really troubled me. If only I could meditate or exercise my body. But, those desires had left too. I knew it was related to some residual energy I was releasing regarding my church days, first marriage, and motherhood. Therefore, I decided not to resist it. I cried. I moped. I felt whatever it was that came up and I asked my guides to help me process whatever was going on.

I purchased a bottle of St. John’s wort, a multi-vitamin, and vitamin D supplements. Before these remedies even had a chance to work, a friend called and wanted to get together on Friday. I really didn’t want to be near anyone while I was in this funk, but my husband had admonished me to not let this energy consume me, so I agreed to do a “juicing” with her. When Vickie came over, her energy was so bright and loving it was contagious. As we fed the raw fruits and veggies into the juicer, I began feeling lighter, as if a cloud were lifting from me. In less than an hour after drinking this healthy concoction and being in her presence, I was really enjoying our time together and was glad I had agreed to this visit. By the time Vickie left, I was laughing, and all that depressive energy had been completely dispelled. It has not returned.

This says a lot—not only about ascension symptoms being real—but about how important it is to be around people whose vibration is pure. Because I was constantly doing ascension exercises and affirmations in an effort to raise my own vibration, it was easy to “match pitch” with Vickie’s energy. By the way, Vickie is the artist who created the beautiful painting for the cover of my book.

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