Friday, November 9, 2012

Taming and Integrating the Ego

Those people who tell you that you can “get rid of the ego, banish the ego, release the ego, destroy the ego” or whatever they’re saying it’s absolutely untrue. Our ego is part of our personality and who we are.

We develop the ego at an early age to protect us. When we were in real danger or something challenged us or was difficult, the ego came to protect us. We needed the ego then, and we need it now, but we need to reprogram it to let go of limiting beliefs that do not serve our highest good and to respond only when necessary.  As you do the meditation today, set your intention for your higher self voice to be louder. The ego voice will diminish and you can always tell the ego to be quiet, to say something only in emergencies.  You can’t get rid of the ego but you can “fire” it from all of its jobs except the role of helping you in case of an emergency. That way, the ego feels important because it can speak up and say, “Watch out!” if there’s a car about to hit you. So give the ego that important job but otherwise ask it to back off. You can tell the ego that your highest is now in charge. Anytime your ego chimes in with a judgment about someone or some fear creeps in, you can listen to your higher self voice, which will uplift you and change your energy and focus.  Imagine you have a little knob inside your head. The ego voice comes in and says, “You’re looking fat today,” or “You’re going to run in that?” or some other fault finding, judgmental or unkind thought. Imagine your hand on that ego voice knob and just turn the volume way down. You can imagine turning it off or muting it if you want to. Then see your hand on the volume knob of the higher self voice, and turn it way up—make it louder so you can hear it better. Try this and let us know how it works for you.  This article was excerpted from Dr. Susan Allison’s presentation on Shifting into Purer Consciousness Ascension Training Telesummit. Get the 1-hour audio with all of Susan’s chat, including a guided meditation, and a presentation about ascension symptoms by Yvonne Perry at

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