Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tip for Ascension: Being Non-Resistant

Being non-resistant is a way to manage the energy that you pick up in the environment and from others. This practice of allowing has become even more important as we evolve on our spiritual path.

During his presentation in our telesummit, “Empaths Shifting into 2012,” Dr. Tom Goode mentioned four steps to integration that I’d like to share with you now. Step 1 is Acceptance. When you experience an illness or disease, the first step is to realize that you are one with this condition. It is fruitless to attempt to get rid of, release, drop, or chop off pieces of ourselves. Remember that energy cannot be destroyed or created, it can only be transmuted. Its form can be changed. So struggling against what is doesn’t work.

The alternative is to integrate. Exhibit no resistance by simply noticing what is going on. Acknowledge the condition and admit you have a [cold, disease, whatever]. There’s no need to fight against it. Instead, embrace it, and do everything possible to address the topic. For example, if you have a cold, you can take zinc or vitamin C, drink fluids, rest, stay warm, or whatever it takes to bring the greatest comfort and ease to the physical body. Expect to deal with your ego mind and emotions. You may find yourself thinking things like Did I get this cold because I have been bad? Is this a punishment? Is this something that I have brought on myself? What have I done wrong? Instead of condemning yourself, ask if perhaps you have been pushing yourself too hard and the body is asking for more rest. Pain and dis-ease are messages and we are wise to listen to our body. While resting during your recovery, you can catch up on your reading, pick up your email, or talk by phone with someone you haven’t visited with for a while. When you’re at the end of an “adventure,” you can celebrate the healing that took place.

Step 2 is Allowance of the emotional reactions you are having to this condition so there’s no denial. Surrender to it, because until you accept what is going on and you’re emotionally okay with it, you have no power to change it. That which we resist, will persist. Instead, we must take it in and transmute it. And maybe even transcend it.

My friend, Dr. Tom Goode, told me about the time when he went to the doctor for a checkup and the blood work showed that his body had become diabetic. Immediately he thought of the comorbidities associated with this health condition: loss of vision, loss of limbs, shortened life, heart problems, circulatory problems, etc. How can this happen? Tom wondered. I’ve always been a healthy guy and never had a problem because of the care I have been taking of the mind-body-spirit system. Nevertheless, Tom accepted the condition and allowed it to be there. After all, you can’t deny the blood work and the symptoms. He surrendered to the fact that his body had a condition that had come about for reasons unknown. Realizing there was something in his life that needed addressing, he passed through acceptance and allowance pretty quickly and got to the next step—embracement.

Step 3 is Embracement. How can I embrace this thing? Tom thought. This disease is terminal and progressive. It has no cure according to traditional medical models. The doctor gave him drugs but Tom decided to do everything necessary to embrace this condition instead. He minded the suggested dietary regimens. He researched Asian, Indian, European, and western medicines to see what herbs, supplements, vitamins, etc. could be brought to bear. And, realizing that we change every night, he continued to practice the Full-Wave Breathing he had been using since he created the technique more than thirty years ago.

Before arising each morning, for twelve to fifteen minutes, he used his breath to align with the energies of the day, prepare to see miracles, and see himself as a spiritual being. Placing his hand on his lower abdomen beneath the naval and with his mouth open (to increase oxygen flow) he inhaled and pushed his belly up and then relaxed. With all the emphasis and effort directed toward the inhale, he imagined breathing in light, love, joy, peace, harmony, balance, ease, exuberance, and enthusiasm. He thought of every affirmation and feel-good thought he knew. All the while, he allowed for everything to be different, embracing the fact that this condition was a new opportunity for growth and celebration. As each day ended, he allowed for all the things that were done and not done to be set aside as he again practiced Full-Wave Breathing.

Step 4 is Celebrating. Tom went back to his medical practitioner four months later. The doctor said, “You can stop taking the drugs. There is no diabetic condition present.”

“Good!” Tom said, “I never started taking them.” This miracle had been accomplished through the integration process: acceptance, allowance, embracement, and celebration.

Rather than resisting the birthing (resurrection) process we are going through, I invite you to follow Tom’s suggestions and relax in divine love and allow every cell in your body to know and accept union with its creator.

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